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We'll show you the way to Africa.

The Munich Advisors Group offers the following range of services for German companies who wish to establish themselves in Africa.

  1. Market research, market segment analyses, detailed company profiles
  2. Evaluation of market opportunities
  3. Commercial due diligence
  4. Bringing together partners through identification of local partners, distributors or suppliers with the right commercial goals, work ethic and attitude
  5. Organization of business travel to Africa and visits to African trade shows
  6. Links to local public institutions and experts
  7. Mergers and acquisitions and investment consulting
  8. Integration service for staff in Africa
  9. Partnerships with attorneys and business lawyers
  10. Analysis of your business model and ensuring the necessary adaptations for the African market

In countries in which we do not have our own offices, we work regularly with other local consulting agencies as needed.
The following advantages form the basis of our successful market entry service:

  1. a large network of business contacts in the respective countries
  2. good relations with the local public institutions, chambers, organizations and experts, etc.
  3. numerous consultants with expertise specific to the various industrial sectors, with whom we can work at any time.

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